Memorandum of Understanding

on Tuesday, 04 December 2012


Whereas the City of Parksville has established a Downtown Business Improvement Area in accordance with Section 215 of the Community Charter and Bylaw No. 1453 for the purpose of planning and implementing a Business Promotion Scheme;

And whereas the Parksville Downtown Business Association receives the monies raised by the Business Improvement Area levy for the purposes of planning and implementing a Business Promotion Scheme;

And whereas the parties have a mutual desire to communicate and work collaboratively to achieve the objectives of the Business Promotion Scheme and the governance objectives of the City in relation to the downtown, including: improving its safety, physical appearance and economic viability; increasing visitation to its businesses and amenities; enhancing communication among PDBA members and with the City; and developing a strategic plan.

The parties therefore agree to the following:

This MOU shall remain in effect until such time as either party agrees to changes or termination.

OCP/Business Attraction and Expansion Strategy
Both parties agree to actively participate in promoting and furthering the goal of an enhanced, livable, economically viable and energized downtown as described and contained in the City’s Official Community Plan (OCP), its Downtown Revitalization strategies of 2006, the objectives of the PDBA strategic plan and the objectives of the City’s strategic plan, in so far as these strategic plans are in concert or mutually supportive.

Annual Objectives
The parties will jointly develop annual objectives in support of the PDBA strategic plan, and of the City’s strategic plan and OCP objectives related to the downtown, and agree to identify any annual budget requirements and opportunities for collaboration, prior to October 31 each year.

Membership Consultation
The PDBA will assist the City with member consultation regarding broad City initiatives that affect PDBA members in general terms. This may include distribution of advisories, policies, surveys, participation in meetings, or providing general input.

The PDBA and City governing bodies will meet regularly to discuss the MOU, annual objectives and budgets, areas of mutual concern and celebrate successes.

Business Owner/Property Owner Information
The City will work with the PDBA to provide appropriate information related to registered property owners and business operators within the Downtown BIA; to include an annual updated list of property owners within the BIA.

Parking and Infrastructure
The City will collaborate with PDBA on matters relating to parking (including City owned parking lots), and downtown infrastructure changes and will notify the PDBA of any proposed changes that may affect downtown businesses and provide an opportunity for PDBA to provide written response to proposed changes.

Downtown Events and Beautification
The City will support the PDBA in hosting downtown community events and beautification projects (such as the banner program) that the PDBA may plan including consideration of funding requests, staff support in areas of traffic control or other in-kind contributions within the City’s sphere of responsibilities. The City will notify the PDBA when it receives event requests from outside parties that may affect PDBA members (such as street closures and events in the Community Park.)

Business Improvement Area Bylaw
All amendments to the BIA establishing bylaw will be jointly reviewed by the two parties prior to consideration by Council, approval for which will not be unreasonably withheld.

The parties will work cooperatively to resolve any discrepancies or deficiencies with the boundaries of the Downtown BIA.

The parties agree to consider and recommend amendments to this MOU as required.

This MOU may be terminated by written notice by either party.

Signed this third day of December 2012