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Parksville Tattoo

This Year is the Best Year for Your Tattoo Dream

Across from the Main Post Office on the East Island Highway, Parksville Tattoo is an art gallery for collectors, a candy-store for art-lovers, and a place for friends to hang out. Steeped in an old school tattoo shop vibe, these ink artists know that every tattoo has the power to change a life.

Plan Now & Enjoy Your Artistry for a Lifetime

“There’s a methodical process to getting a tattoo,” Colin Wiley, owner and tattooer, told us when we stopped by the shop to chat. “Our customers become friends. And we know that art, whether you hang it over the fireplace or craft a statement on your skin, is a deeply personal thing. As a tattoo artist, it’s essential that I spend time getting to know each client. Their design is going to form part of their self expression for life — we take our responsibility in the process seriously at Parksville Tattoo.”

Each ink artist has their own specialty. As a shop, Wiley explained the importance of the pre-ink consultation stages of the process.

“Everyone has toyed with the idea of getting a tattoo. Maybe it’s a larger canvas that needs carefully staged planning. But even a quick, smaller image requires careful thought. We meet with every client for a personal consultation before they decide how to go. Our consultations are complimentary. We want everyone to feel confident and relaxed. Enjoying the process of getting your tattoo, knowing your artist, loving how things look in the end — this is all central to what we do.”

Friends Alongside Taking the Plunge with You

Sometimes a tattoo needs updating, something called “a cover-up” in the industry. Or maybe old scars can be hidden with clever and creative artistry.

“We’ve been doing this for so long, we have a deep network through the Western Canadian and Vancouver Island tattoo scene. If our shop isn’t ideal for a specific style or specialized situation, like mastectomy cover-up for example, we know just the artist to recommend. And those artists are trusting us with referrals too, because we’ve earned a place of respect in the industry,” Wiley explained.

“We have clients as old as 80 and as young as 18. We’ve been in Parksville for 7 years now — lots of our clients come back for additional or expanded designs. We love the spirit of true art and how our bodies are a canvas. It never gets old. That’s how we know we’re serving our art and our clients well.”

Deep Meaning & Art to Love Every Day in Parksville Downtown

Stop in and see some of the designs that might spur your next ink. Parksville Tattoo is a friendly place where you can drop by and let your imagination roam. Everything from a small flower or hummingbird, to a leg sleeve or shoulder — your tattoo will be as individual as you.

Discover Parksville

View our business directory to find out more about what the downtown core has to offer.

Discover Parksville

View our business directory to find out more about what the downtown core has to offer.