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Author: Jamie

Elegance Sculpting

Elegance Sculpting in Parksville, BC is home to the leading experts in medical aesthetics, cosmetic injections, shockwave therapy, traditional spa services, wellness programming and advanced lasers technology.

In 2017, Elegance Sculpting was born from Rachel Bentley’s desire to bring progressive laser technology to Parksville and Vancouver Island as a whole. And she’s done it. Elegance Sculpting offers over a hundred unique treatments, including the industry’s most advanced medical aesthetic treatments.

Over the last six years, Rachel has grown her spa from one room to a beauty and wellness headquarters; grown her team to partner with top professionals in health and beauty; and this is only the beginning. For those who know Rachel, she is always looking ahead to what’s next and plans on continuing to bring the best spa services to her community.

Bradley’s Bistro

Janette, the manager of Bradley’s on Jensen, has expertly curated an ambiance that exudes safety and warmth within the local bistro. Since assuming her role in May 2023, Janette has cordially welcomed both regular patrons and those soon to become regulars, gracing them with her inviting smile and an enticing array of homemade treats, a delightful selection of daily coffee specials, and, most notably, her exceptional soups.

With a deep commitment to community support, Janette and her dedicated team infuse love into every dish they prepare and each cup of coffee they serve. Their mission is to fashion a secure and nurturing haven for all, beginning by cleansing the bistro’s energy with sage, ensuring the well-being of everyone who crosses the threshold. Baking commences promptly at 6:30 every morning, guaranteeing that your favourite pastry and coffee await your arrival.

For the month of November, the featured hot beverage is the White Chocolate Chai Latte, a heavenly choice to envelop you in warmth on a brisk autumn morning. Bradley’s on Jensen remains a sanctuary of comfort and culinary delight, lovingly crafted by Janette and her dedicated team.

Parksville Beach

Embark on a delightful stroll through the picturesque streets of Parksville Downtown, where history and charm converge on this leisurely walking tour.

Start your adventure amidst the serene beauty of the Parksville Community Park. The allure and promise of this place were not lost on the early settlers and, in 1922, they started discussions about establishing a waterfront park to preserve the area’s charm.

Driven by boundless enthusiasm, a dedicated group of citizens led the community in a fund-raising campaign that culminated in a momentous occasion – the grand opening of the park on July 1, 1923.

Upon entering the park, you’ll encounter the Parksville Lions Club Ventureland Playground and the adjacent Outdoor Gym. Continue your journey, heading towards the famous Parksville Beach Boardwalk. From this spot, you’ll have the opportunity to admire the breathtaking vistas of Parksville Bay from the blue-roofed gazebo. You’ve reached the official starting point of your Discover Parksville – Downtown Loop Tour.

The Beach

Depending on the time of day, the beachfront offers varying degrees of splendour. During high tide, gentle waves serenely lap at the edge of a sandy expanse adorned with driftwood, and occasionally revealing the coveted treasure of ‘sea glass’ waiting to be discovered. Enthusiastic paddleboarders and kayakers can be seen enjoying the calm waters of Parksville Bay.

When the tide recedes, an amazing seascape unfolds, stretching approximately a kilometre from the shoreline. A pristine sandy beach emerges, boasting delightfully warm waters that beckon waders, swimmers and thrill-seeking skimboarders.

The Salish Sea

As you make a left turn, saunter along the boardwalk savoring the awe-inspiring vistas of the Salish Sea and the magnificent silhouette of Mount Arrowsmith gracing the horizon.

Parksville Bay’s pristine waters host a diversity of wildlife, and provide a home to Pacific harbour seals, the seasonal sea lions, and salmon as well as majestic bald eagles perched above the shoreline watching for the salmon! The legendary sand dollars, known for their delicate beauty, are uncovered during low tide and capture the imagination of beach explorers.

The Salish Sea’s waters form an essential part of the marine ecosystem, boasting the largest Pacific herring spawning grounds along the BC Coast. These tiny fish lay an average of about 20,000 eggs, which adhere to the eelgrass or seaweed. These eggs provide crucial sustenance to the multitude of Brandt geese that visit the Parksville area each spring.

Coast Salish People

For thousands of years, the Coast Salish people called the area surrounding the Englishman River their home. The nearby sheltered bay served as a favourite location for fishing and harvesting shellfish. However, by the time the early settlers arrived, the population of the First Nations had tragically dwindled significantly, primarily due to the devastating massacres inflicted by marauding coastal tribes in the early 1800s.

The Coast Salish People constitute a vast and diverse collective, encompassing numerous distinct cultures and languages. Among them, the Snaw-naw-as people derive their name from the lone survivor of one of the tragic battles in the 1800s. Today, they are situated in the vicinity of Nanoose Bay, preserving their unique heritage and traditions. Similarly, the Qualicum First Nation resides at the mouth of the Big Qualicum River in Qualicum Bay, further enriching the rich tapestry of indigenous cultures that have shaped this coastal area of BC.

The Old Island Hall location.

As you approach another charming gazebo, the boardwalk path draws to an end, but your adventure carries on. You’ll find yourself adjacent to the Beach Club Resort, an establishment that now occupies the historic site of Parksville’s renowned Island Hall.

The Island Hall, a grand establishment that opened its doors in 1917, was a vision brought to life by British entrepreneurs Joan Foster and Winnifred Philpott. They arrived on Vancouver Island at the onset of World War One, and their ambitious project would go on to become one of Parksville’s premier accommodation destinations for an impressive span of 80 years.

If you like, take a moment to peruse the extensive memorabilia wall on the main floor of the Beach Club Resort. It pays homage to the legacy of Island Hall, preserving the memories and stories of this cherished piece of Parksville’s history.

Ready to continue to Parksville Downtown? We’ll see you there.

Tour Jensen Avenue

Whether by bike, foot or by car, exploring Jensen Ave is a treat in itself. And speaking of treats, Jensen Ave is a great place to treat yourself, treat your four-legged friends, and treat your soul. Looking for a place to Meet, Shop, Eat? We’ve got it here on Jensen Avenue!

As you stroll through Parksville Downtown, you don’t want to ‘take a pass’ on Jensen Avenue.

Starting at City Hall on the corner of Craig Street and Jensen Avenue, head south on Craig Street, ( straight if you are facing City Hall). You will come to our epitaph, first erected in memory of fallen soldiers from the First World War. Circling around City Hall will put you back onto Jensen Avenue. Turn to the east (right) from the City Hall parking lot and take a leisurely stroll to the 3-way stop at Jensen and Corfied. Staying straight, you will find yourself on Jensen Greenway. Take this park-like pathway past community gardens to the edge of Parksville Downtown. Turn left of McVickers Street to make a circle trip back to Parksville Downtown, or Parksville Community Park.

Heart of Parksville Downtown

Now that you’ve had a taste of Memorial Avenue, continue to explore the sights along the heart of downtown and Middleton Avenue before we loop back to the beach.

Heart of Parkville Downtown

Continuing along historic Hirst Avenue, this path will lead you directly into the vibrant heart of Parksville Downtown—the intersection of Hirst Avenue and Craig Street. Here, you’ll discover a charming retail district that beckons with its warm and inviting atmosphere.

As you explore this popular area, you’ll encounter a delightful array of cozy cafes and family-owned shops, each offering a plethora of vintage finds and meticulously crafted goods. Your journey along Craig Street, in particular, promises limitless experiences—you can savor a steaming cup of coffee, replenish your supply of eco-friendly refillable laundry soap, uncover the perfect attire for an upcoming event, or even indulge in a splendid bouquet of fresh flowers.

Middleton Avenue

Using the Pacific Brimm Coffee Shop as your reference point, cross Craig Street and you’ll find yourself on Middleton Avenue. As you continue your journey you’ll encounter a diverse ranges of shops and services, each with its own unique charm and offerings. Make sure you save time to visit Kidsville, a haven for lightly worn kids’ clothing and toys that kids, and parents, are sure to like.

Corfield Plaza

Following Middleton Avenue, your path will lead you to McCarter Street, where we will make our way to the exciting new shopping area of Parksville, Corfield Plaza.

Once you’ve crossed McCarter Street, follow along the small laneway to Weld Street. On Weld Street you will find coffee shops and restaurants, several boasting welcoming patios. This is the perfect moment to treat yourself to a refreshing beverage or perhaps a delicious snack.

Or, if you’re in the mood for a sweet indulgence, consider crossing Weld Street to access another laneway that will lead you to the Mid-Island Co-op, and some of the best ice cream in town!

Emerging from the second laneway, conveniently situated next to Mid-Island Co-op, you’ll find yourself at Corfield Street. Cross Corfield Street at the Island Hwy lights and continue along Island Hwy. This will take you directly to the Thrifty’s parking lot, a convenient stop where you can explore a variety of options. Here, you can pick up a captivating book, gather supplies for your beloved pet, or even pop into one of three grocery stores in the areas for your dinner essentials.

Located between Thrifty’s and Lefty’s Fresh Food, follow the sidewalk that will lead you to Corfield Plaza, an assortment of delightful shops and boutiques awaiting your discovery. You can explore clothing stores, seek out unique home decor, find one-of-a-kind souvenirs, discover local photographic art or unearth great deals at the local dollar store. The possibilities are endless as you indulge in a bit of retail therapy amid the charming surrounding of Parksville’s Corfield Plaza.

Back to the Park….and the Beach

With your arms now brimming with the amazing treasures you’ve collected along the way, you might be feeling like a few more steps are out of the question. Well, you’re in luck because you’re just a mere 5 minutes away from the beach. Simply walk to the Corfield Street exit of the parking lot and make a right turn.

You’re now well on your way back to the beach. Cross Island Hwy and be on the lookout for the hidden stairs discreetly positioned behind the Community Park sign. These stairs will guide you on a brief but enchanting journey down to the Shelly Park ball fields.

As you continue heading towards the beach, you’ll pass by the lovely Arboretum, adding a touch of natural beauty to your journey. Your path will take you back to the gazebo, marking the culmination of your Discover Parksville – Downtown Loop Tour. Amid the coastal beauty and nostalgia, your heart will be filled with the enduring charm of Parksville Downtown.

Full Tour Approx: 45- 60 minutes, depending on stops