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IA Private Wealth

Independent Financial Advice with A Trusted Track Record

Vancouver Island is the paradise Canada dreams of retiring to. Many of us have chosen to raise our families here, with the benefits of natural beauty, excellent professional infrastructure, and a warm community feel. As family wealth increases over the years, finding holistic advice regarding everything from tax savings to insurance needs becomes essential.

Neighbourhood Feel for the Important Investments of Life

We spoke with Chris Mohr at his downtown Parksville IA Private Wealth office, to find out how community-minded investment works. After thirty years in Parksville and more than a decade helping to guide the team of financial professionals at the office, Mohr described the strong relationships built with a long-term view in mind.

“Most of our growth at IA Private Wealth’s location in Parksville comes from referrals. When we’re first contacted, it’s likely that the person has already pre-vetted us through someone who is an existing, long-term client. By growing our clients’ financial interests year in and year out, we’ve developed a reputation of trustworthiness, long-term focus, and a warm and informative approach,” Mohr explained.

“Typically, we don’t advertise and we try to demystify financial planning by steering clear of fancy jargon,” Mohr went on. “We know that RSPs, RRIFs, TFSAs, and other important choices are critical components of client investment portfolios. Our role is to know what’s recommended for each situation. We get to know our clients, so we can provide comprehensive and accurate advice. That’s our job. Successfully meeting long-term financial goals is the evidence that we’ve done our job well.”

Wealth Management, Insurance Coverage, Borrowing Advice

IA Private Wealth focuses on a six-step process to ensure that each of its licensed advisors have a client’s complete financial future considered. Family priorities, setting short and long-term goals, personal and holistic wealth planning for peace-of-mind, attentive implementation, and progressive monitoring are essential components to financial advice excellence.

Knowing that existing clients send their family and friends to the team at IA Private Wealth’s office – at 174 Morison Avenue in downtown Parksville – speaks to what Mohr calls the “family” aspect of their office’s approach. “We pick up the phone and hear, ‘My relative says you’re the people we need to see’ all the time.”

Peace-of-Mind for Life’s Important Investments

Stop in at the expanded office for a wealth management, estate planning, or insurance protection visit soon. The group of financial advisors will have a hot cup of coffee for you – plus strategic knowledge for your investment choices, financial risk mitigation, and market diversification questions.

Chances are you’ll recognize someone in the close-knit staff from hockey or curling – somewhere in the community, they are involved and growing the Parksville way, just like your family! A call today can lead to your peaceful financial future for decades to come.

Discover Parksville

View our business directory to find out more about what the downtown core has to offer.

Discover Parksville

View our business directory to find out more about what the downtown core has to offer.