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Sustain Collective Wellness

Holistic Health & Wellness Resources Close to Home

Recently, the multi-disciplinary team of healthcare practitioners at Sustain Collective in Parksville gave their downtown location a fresh look to match their invigorating service offerings. With professionals spanning holistic wellness services – from massage therapy to effective alternative health services – Sustain Collective is a one-stop shop for making sure your youthful energy stays steady.

Parksville’s Prime Location for Massage Therapy Services

We spoke with lead clinician and the Collective’s director, Sarah Adams RMT, to find out more about Parksville’s cutting-edge massage therapy practice. “We’ve created a space that brings the benefits of clinical procedures inside an environment deeply encouraging for individualized patient support, whether for pain alleviation, increased mobility, or deep relaxation. Our patients find a welcoming healthcare space in the community where life’s stress points are relieved,” Adams told us.

“We know that our clients have a to-do list that keeps them running all day. When they enter our Sustain Collective space, it’s a time to focus on the importance of health and healing — a place where our patients feel they are taken care of,” Adams explained.

Footcare Nursing and Somatic Sound Healing Specialists

With an in-house Licensed Practical Nurse focused on patient foot health and a dedicated energetic somatic sound practitioner offering guided sessions, resilience and mobility are restored while one’s mind is set at ease. Canada is experiencing a concerning increase in social isolation, particularly among retirees. Finding trusted professionals who can take the stress of medical appointments and turn them into times of refreshment and renewed energy is a community jewel.

“We offer personal phone consultations regarding some of the direct billing paperwork we can take care of through extended health benefits. It’s surprising how many people don’t take full advantage of the medical benefits available to them every year, simply because the billing process seems daunting. In many cases, we can handle the paperwork for our clients, so they can focus on holistic wellness and optimal health,” Adams explained.

Holistic Focus with Individualized Care

Reach out to Sustain Collective to book an initial consultation today. Their warm and caring staff is ready to help you feel your best, regardless of your age or health concerns. Clinicians have flexible scheduling, including weekends and evenings, at their location at 175 Weld Street. Easy-access, free parking is available at the Parkade on McCarter Street. For mobility-restricted patients requiring nursing footcare, in-home visits can be arranged.

Stop in to see their fresh, soft look and begin your journey to holistic health. Sustain Collective provides a unique, safe, and aligned feeling — that special wrap of peacefulness and health that massage therapy (and adjacent wellness disciplines) evoke. Why wait? Book your first massage or reflexology session today. Find the oasis in downtown Parksville where science, soul, and positive energy meet.

Discover Parksville

View our business directory to find out more about what the downtown core has to offer.

Discover Parksville

View our business directory to find out more about what the downtown core has to offer.